Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can you see me?

Sis has come a long way this week and has filled out a lot. But still a bit timid - this morning she went for her first walk with the big dogs. She had to be lifted into the truck and out of the truck because the world is Such a Dangerous Place you know!

I got one of those Easy Walk harnesses, which keeps her front legs moving forward even when her brain is on full stop. After a few minutes her nose got the better of her, though, and then she was either beside me or in front of me, helping Iggy investigate all the new smells.

She's quite the nap dog. She spends most of her time watching the world from one of her many beds - the couch, the chair, the dog cushions, Ginny's crate or (Sis' favorite) the human bed. She sleeps on a dog bed at night.

I think we're safe to say she's now house-trained. She goes to the door when she wants out, and hasn't had an accident for five days in a row.

We were leaving her in the x-pen when we went out, but last time we did that she was asleep on the couch when we got back. So now we crate her - it's often just a matter of closing the door because she's already in it.

I think she needs a puppy to play with - she's almost too laid back. I mentioned that to Don and he got his worried look.

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Anonymous said...

Sis is such a sweet little pup. Skye, Ashes, Chubbs, and Oggie have had her company most of the week at the dog park. Someone would get a wonderful companion. She got Ashes seal of approval. Hoping she's adopted soon!!