Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 2 for Sis

She's coming around slowly. Her favorite dog in the house is Iggy, so no one has played with her yet. When Sis comes up to him, her little stump of a tail wags like mad and she turns her head away. As soon as Iggy barks, she skitters back to her bed. Iggy thinks he's very powerful.

Sis isn't house-trained yet. When her feet hit the snow, her brain switches from 'I have to pee!' to 'I have to find a warm place to curl up!' She is happy to pee and poo inside where there is no snow. So we'll start from the beginning as though she were a new puppy.

She comes out to her food dish to retrieve one piece of food at a time, takes it back to her bed to eat, and then sneaks back for one more. At first I thought she would gain confidence by having to come out for food. But it didn't seem right - only an outcast would have to steal it one bite at a time. So I put the dish right beside her bed and sat down with her while she ate. She seemed to like that idea, and turned over to let me pet her tummy when she was finished eating.

I've been sitting with her on the couch, and when I stop petting her she reaches out and licks my hand. But that's the extent of her coming forward for affection.

Leash training will come as soon as it warms up. So far, she's good as long as you're going in the direction she was hoping to go anyway. But a few walks with the other dogs and she'll have the hang of it.

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Bev said...

I think Iggy needs some Prozac!