Saturday, February 5, 2011

All about the little white tail deer

Sis has come a long way from the skinny little frightened thing who thought no one would see her as long as she didn't move. Here is the scoop on this little dog, who is about 9 months old.

Leash training: when I first took Sis out on the leash she didn't want to be in the open and wouldn't willingly leave the house. But now she runs to the door with the big dogs at walk-time. She's responsive to the leash and heels naturally.

Crate training: completely crate trained, whether the door is open or closed. This little girl just loves to curl up and sleep, or watch the world go by from the warmth of her puppy blanket. She shows no anxiety or excitement upon being let out in the morning or when I come home after work - just stretches and yawns before wandering out to say hello.

House training: Sis goes to the door when she has to go. She hasn't pooped in the house since day 2, but her effort to notify us that she has to pee goes down with the temperature. The colder it is, the less time she will spend at the door, so it's important to keep an eye on her for the first while. It's pretty easy though - she lounges around almost all the time, so if she gets up it's either time to eat or pee!

Socialization: Sis is completely at home with dogs and cats - no fear or aggression with either. She is tentative with humans, though, and needs a gentle approach or she'll run away and hide. She'll let you know when she wants to snuggle, although it's a bit like snuggling a deer - all legs and elbows. She won't jump up on the couch or bed, but will put her front paws up and wait for you to notice that she's in snuggle mode.

Barking: no barking for Sis. She tries to bark, but it turns into a howl. Her crate is close to the front door and if someone comes in unexpectedly, she will howl (from inside her crate). But only once, so I think it's just a startle response.

Sis will be a great companion for someone who doesn't want a clingy or demanding dog. She is content to entertain herself with naps or a bone to chew on, goes into the crate with no hesitation and is happy with leash walks around the neighborhood for those who aren't dog-park people. She does likes car rides (cars are good for sleeping in, you know!)

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Anonymous said...

What a great blog. i just put in an application to Pawsitive Match for Sis

Thank you for posting and doing such a great job caring for her.