Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just in case you want to pet my tummy...

Demitri does everything upside down. This frustrates Ginny endlessly because she wants to play, and Demitri only knows three games:

1. Turn upside down.
2. Jump on Ginny to get her attention. Turn upside down.
3. Jump on a human to get its attention. Turn upside down.

This isn't a submissive thing - Demitri just likes to have his tummy scratched!

I forgot to mention that Demitri slept outside the crate last night - on his little bed beside our bed. He was quiet all night long, and wasn't ready to get up in the morning. So he won't be one to make you get up early - he'll sleep as long as you can (probably upside down!)

Even on the walk today he turned upside down - his feet were cold. I had to turn him right-side-up and then run so he would follow me. Once he got going, though, he forgot about being a sissy.

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