Saturday, December 18, 2010

Demitri (Prince Charming)

Okay, so I do love them all. But don't let my bias get in the way of meeting this little guy if you're looking for a small dog companion. He is SO sweet.

24 hours later, and I think he has stopped peeing on things. No, not because I taught him anything - he's just settled in and doesn't feel the need to claim territory any more. I don't think he'll have any problems in the long run - whoever adopts him will just need to watch him closely for the first day or so, and then he'll be fine.

Demetri is so much fun to look after. He goes into his crate to sleep (all by his little self!) and otherwise just putters around during the day. He does like to be close to his human, but there's no crying if he has to be left alone. I let him have the run of the house today even when I was cleaning on a different floor. He came to find me once in a while, but didn't seem anxious at all. And I didn't find any wet spots this afternoon!

Jack (the cat who likes fabric) has been his usual good self, coming close to sniff Demitri and rub up against him. It's very difficult to chase a cat who just wants to say hello!

Last night Demitri slept on the main floor in his crate, but tonight I'll put his bed up in our room and see if he sleeps just as quietly. I think he will, because look at this:

I took the bed out of the crate and he's fast asleep beside me.

I have this theory that sleeping in the human den helps a timid dog bond with its pack, which begets security and confidence. Don (patient husband) has this theory that I would have ten foster dogs if he would allow it and they would all be sleeping on the bed.

Demitri is a Pawsitive Match dog.

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Anonymous said...

That Don guy gets a theory in once in a while and they all seem so profoundly accurate! Wow, he is good.