Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bruno says...

'But I don't want to stay here. I want to stay over there with you.'

Ah, yes. Poor Bruno. He is learning to stay - by himself, as opposed to right beside someone. For some reason, he doesn't like to be left alone. And by alone, I mean more than a few inches away from his human. He can be fast asleep (or appear to be so) but as soon as I move he's on his feet, trotting along behind me.

Every night, he has slept in a crate in the living room. But on Monday when I started turning lights off he behaved for all the world like Lassie reporting that Bobby was trapped under a log by the river. He went into his crate as usual, but cried for most of the night. Yesterday I moved his crate up to the bedroom, and he slept like a baby once again.

This may be the wrong thing to do - one school of thought is that he should face his anxiety dead on. But this way, I get to sleep on it for a few nights while I make a decision.

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