Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ready for Adoption

Bruno has been here for just over a week, and you may be wondering if he's as sweet as he looks. He definitely is. He is very much a puppy, in spite of his size, and he does everything with great enthusiasm, including love-love-love his human!

He's very busy - if he's not out walking or playing with Ginny in the yard, he's chewing toys. One by one I took away Ginny's stuffed animals, because Bruno likes to eat the little eyes right off their faces. Yes, he swallows them - very quickly. And then he looks at me innocently as though there never was a button eye, but just a hole for un-stuffing. He's brought me many shoes, but so far he hasn't chewed one. I think he is confused by the lack of eyes.

We've been taking Bruno to the off-leash park with Ginny and Iggy. He's good on the leash even with other dogs around, but except for the first day I've just let him run free. He comes back every time I call or whistle. He has that small-dog affection for his primary human, and he's careful not to let me out of sight.

He travels well, but you need to be firm with him or he will crawl into your lap. He's figured out that the best spot is the back seat so that he can lodge his front half between the two front seats and travel with his head on my shoulder.

He also stays close in the house - wherever I am, he's close behind. He loves to snuggle, as though he's just a little guy instead of a 45-pounder taking up half the couch. I haven't let him snuggle on the bed because he's so good in the crate and I don't want to ruin that. I'm sure he'd be in heaven sleeping on his human's bed!

He must have some kind of herding animal in his heritage because he does that border-collie nipping. But I'n sure he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and he is nipping less and less as we correct him.

If you want a sedate, quiet companion who will watch you from the far side of the room, Bruno isn't the dog for you! He interacts with me constantly - lying beside me while I work, following me from room to room, bringing me toys, giving me puppy-kisses or (if I sit down to watch TV) snuggling in beside me.

He is just the lovin'est, happiest dog you could imagine, and so much fun to have around.

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