Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Conversation stopper

You know when you're out walking your dogs and other dog walkers stop to talk about dogs and exchange pleasantries? If you ever get tired of that, put your dog in a stroller and take him to the off-leash area. No one will say a word. Sometimes the women initially get an 'oh, that's so cute!' look as they approach and then it suddenly changes into an 'oh god. She thinks its a baby' look and they speed up a little.

But it's either that or carry Murphy, because he really does want to go on the walks even if he can't join Iggy and Ginny on the ground just yet. I might end up carrying him - it's not so bad if I shuffle him from arm to arm periodically. And then people just think I'm one of those people who babies small dogs... but not literally.


Anonymous said...

That's great...glad to see he's doing much better...I love the lip thing he has going on...Tami

Deb said...

Maybe you could post a sign on the stroller.."Please don't pet me, I'm recuperating". Kind of like the working dogs have when they are on duty? Then people will no longer think you are weird without any known reason.

Pet Health Insurance said...

What happen to him? He look so sad on the picture.