Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet Chester!

Chester arrived last Sunday evening. He weighs about three pounds, and when he runs in circles, his feet make a chka-chka-chka! sound, which we imitate verbally and that makes him run even faster.

He's a little cuddle bun, if you can imagine cuddling sticks. I'm going to buy him some canned food to see if we can put some weight on his bony little bottom.

Chester sleeps in a cat crate on my bedside table. He crawls in on his own and sleeps quietly all night. But he would not be happy if the crate were in a separate room. Like many small dogs, he chooses his favorite human (the one that is the biggest suck) but he also loves everyone else with great enthusiasm - humans, dogs and cats.

He knows that going out to the yard means 'time to pee and poo' and won't have an accident in the house as long as he's taken out regularly. However, he isn't at the stage yet where he asks to be let out.

We take him to the off-leash park with a very long leash and let him down to run free. But he only runs a few feet and then he runs back to see if anyone wants to carry him. He's going to be an awesome little friend for someone - very loving, happy and funny-looking. And he'll fit under your sweater or in your purse if you want to take him to the mall.

Who could ask for anything more?

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Deb said...

Yoda with fur!