Saturday, December 18, 2010

The newest arrival

Yes, Zarita has been adopted!

And here is Demitri - a little long-haired dachshund whose foster family is going away for Christmas. Not that he minds! As with all fosters, Ginny welcomed him in and took over as Big Mama Play Pal. Right now they're sleeping side by side. Iggy is sleeping too, but plastered against the front door so he can break out if the alien comes near.

So far what I can tell you about Demitri is this:

1) he's a little bit shy and if I move too fast he shrinks away. So I've been moving fast quite frequently and then petting him and fluffing up his ears.

2) this one should have come first but I'm breaking you in gently. He likes to pee on things. What sorts of things? you ask... well, I asked him that and he said, 'What have you got?' So I'll be giving him lots of opportunities to pee on things while I'm with him, and no opportunities when I'm not.

3) he's quiet, crate trained, and slept quietly all night.

4) he loves walks (don't they all!) I let the leash drag in case I had to catch him, but he's all ears and comes back as soon as he hears his name. He was good with all the other dogs we met. When a puppy jumped on him, he said, Woof! Get OFF me! but he wasn't aggressive and the puppy just jumped on him again.

Demitri's habit of peeing on things probably also accounts for his shrinking back with fast movements - he may have been swatted a few times in a past life. But he doesn't need swats. His Stop Peeing Instantly button is activated whenever he hears 'hey!' I will keep you posted on this one, as it's the only behavior that keeps him from being completely adorable.

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