Monday, December 27, 2010

The Danger Zone

This picture explains the terrible predicament I'm in.

I am fostering Demitri only temporarily while his regular fosters are away for Christmas. And since I'm home now until January 3 and Demitri is only here until January 2, I decided it would be fine to take a second foster. By the time I go back to work we'll be back to one (the Maximim Allowable Limit when I'm not here to look after them during the day).

So I added Sal to the mix (more about Sal here )

But now I just know I won't be ready to part with Demitri by January 2, and Sal is pretty adorable too. So in the in the back of my brain a solution is swishing around like a stew of dangerous chemicals: If you adopt Demitri, you will only have one foster.

The sense of this is apparent only to me, and it would be especially nonsensical to husband Don. I've been here before and I've made it through two years without adopting. But if someone doesn't come forward pretty quick for this little brown and black bunny, he will need to be pried out of my arms.

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