Saturday, July 31, 2010

Conversations with China

I only have him for the weekend until his full-time foster is back, so we've had lots of conversations in a short time. Here are some of them:

Upon meeting:
Me: China! You're so cute!
China: Shhhhh! China is a name for girl dogs! Call me Leo.

When I snuggled him and petted his neck.
Leo: Grrrrrrrr.
Me: Are you growling at me???
Leo: No. I do that when I'm happy. You know - like a cat purring.

When he peed on Iggy's food bench:
Me: No!
Leo: Grrrrrrrr.
Me: Are you purring?
Leo: No. This time I'm growling. I don't like being told no.
Me: Get used to it, buddy.

As we drove to the dog park, Leo on my lap with his head mashed into my armpit.
Me: Leo ... what's wrong?
Leo: I can't talk right now.
Me: While you're down there, can you find out why my shirt is all wet?
Leo: Um... there is a little dog in here who doesn't like car rides. They make him slobber.
Me: Ah. What's his name?
Leo: China.

When we went for a walk, and Leo ran and ran and ran.
Me: Leo!
Me: Leo!
Me: Leo!
Me: You little shithead. Are you deaf?
Leo: Oh, were you talking to me? My name is China, silly!

If you are thinking about adopting a little guy like this, China/Leo is worth checking out. He's calm and friendly with humans and other dogs, and he doesn't have that small-dog clingy feature. I went for groceries this morning and left him sleeping on the couch. When I got back, he was sleeping on the couch - I don't think he even knew I left.

He seems to be crate-trained. I made him sleep in a crate last night (by my bed) because he was stinky from the flight. He whined for about 30 seconds, and then slept the whole night through. Tonight he can sleep on the bed if he wants to, because he's had a bath.

He did well on the walk this morning. I left the leash on him and just let him run with it dragging behind. It isn't that he runs away - he just likes to trot along as fast as his legs can carry him, and he isn't shy about getting far ahead. I'm sure that as he feels more connected to his pack he will stay closer. (And when he learns his name - he doesn't answer to Leo or China).

I don't think he's had a chance to be house-trained yet, but very close - he's only had one accident, and even that wasn't an accident. He did it completely on purpose.

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Love it Maggie!!